Can't install program

Hello everybody.
Ok so this is really aggravating, because i’ve been trying to install Scrivener on my laptop for two weeks now, and i don’t know what the problem is. So i never even used the program; it’s just that i’m a writer and i’ve been looking for a program and after all the great reviwes i heard, i’ve really been anticipating this. i downloaded Scrivener beta for windows to try it out; the thing is that the exe. file is not responding. I double-click on it, and all it does is the black screen, and the message “do you want a program from an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer?” or something of the likes, and when i allow it, nothing. i mean it. not an error message or a crash and a freeze, no, nothing. it’s like the computer does not even recognize the program, and it’s really weird. i tried running it as administrator, i tried troubleshooting compatibility issues, but nothing seems to get the installer up and running. could anyone please help?
by the way, i have a 64-bit operating system toshiba, and i am currently using windows 7
i hope that’s enough information. Thanks in advance

Just to clarify: is it the installer that isn’t running, or is Scrivener not running after you install it? The installer should have placed a shortcut on your desktop if it did get that far. Have you tried running it from the shortcut?

Oh sorry. no actually, it’s the installer that is not running. as in, i haven’t even managed to install the program on my laptop yet

I’m having the same problem. I’m running Windows Vista and can’t get past 6% for downloading the INstaller. I get an error message telling me the server has stopped the download.


I’m having the same trouble as well. I installed the earlier beta, and was using it, then it expired, so I downloaded the new beta.

First, that took a while, but it finally downloaded. I started the installer, and got that initial windows query about whether or not I was willing to have the installer alter stuff, etc. I said yes, then nothing happened. Tried it a couple of times. No go.

I’m on Windows 7.

Oh wow. I wonder what is causing this? is there any way it could be fixed? i mean i could put up with the bugs in the program, but if i can’t even install it…i’m wondering: is this installation problem one of the bugs of the program that randomly chooses to forsake some computers, or is this a computer problem? like a registry thing?

Wow guys, I wish I had some insight for you all on this one, but I had not problems downloading or installing the newest Beta on both of my computers. My initial question is this: have you tried RE-downloading the installer from scratch. I’m wondering if something was corrupted when you downloaded the installer. You might try deleting the installer you have and re-downloading fresh from here: … taller.exe

This is the first I’ve heard in six weeks of working with this beta of anyone not even being able to get it INSTALLED.

Uh yes mightygitis, i did try re-installing the downloader. thrice, actually. but what i’ll do is delete all of the three exe files and redownload it with the link you provided, in the hopes that this will unblock something. i’ll update on the situation shortly, and thanks btw

Okay so i downloaded the link, and now i get this message: “the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application”. i don’t know what to make of that.
this is THE oddest thing ever

My next inquiry might be into other programs running. Or if you’ve checked to see if the installer is running at all at that point that you’ve accepted the pop-up from windows using Task Manager and looking at running processes.

Edit: It said WHAT?

So, for some reason, that linked work. It took much less time to download, and the install worked! Thanks!!

The link I was trying was from this page:

@pearlbear - Glad you got it installed.

@Day- Alright, I’m googling that error and finding that it’s happened a lot to other win7 users with other programs but no one lists a solution. A couple people said that rebooting 2-3 times and it magically let them install. I’ll keep looking if I see anything I’ll let you know here.

Yeah, and just in case, i did it again, i downloaded it and same thing, same creepy message. thanks a load for your help. i’ll also look on google just in case and see if there’s anything new, but keep me posted

I’m getting suggestions to run the installer in Compatibility mode? I guess windows 7 has a way of rolling back and running things as if it was windows vista or xp. I couldn’t tell you HOW to do this, but that was one suggestion. Another suggestion was to scan your hard drive for malware!

I hope it is not the latter…

Edited to add that these two suggestions were in regard to the specific error: “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application” and not anything to do with Scrivener.

You can set compatibility mode by right-clicking on the installer exe, choosing properties, and then pulling down the compatibility tab in the properties window. In w7 you get a lot of choices, I’m not sure about Vista, but you can set it to run for practically every operating system Microsoft has ever made, in w7.

However, this really shouldn’t be necessary. This is generally only for programs that really do need compatibility help—i.e. really old stuff that hasn’t been updated in years and wasn’t programmed very well to stand the test of time. I just ran the b4 installer on Windows 7 yesterday and it worked flawlessly. I suspect something else is the problem here. I haven’t tried in XP yet, but I note most everyone here is reporting issues with Visa and 7.

I’m going to try on my other w7 computer tomorrow and hopefully I can reproduce this.

Ok so i did the compatibility mode thing, and same thing, nothing. the program is still not responding. i also updated my registry, installed my updates, scanned my computer for malware: it’s clean. this is like way over my head. what to do, what to do…

Okay so i’ve been pretty much wandering over the net all day and i googled the mistake; still can’t seem to find a cause or solution although it is apparently a common mistake with some softwares on windows 7. anyone found anything interesting yet?

I finally got it! ok, so to those who have the same problem as i do, i think i found a possible solution. what i did was i took my boyfriend’s laptop and downloaded the installer there. i checked just in case and it worked. :open_mouth: so i took the installer and put in in a usb, and started it on my own computer and it WORKS! :mrgreen:
oh my god i’m so relieved. i don’t excatly know how this could have fixed it, but the weird thing is that the downloader appeared as unknown publisher on my windows prompt whereas on his it showed teh publisher and the origin and all that. when i took the installer from his laptop, it actually recognized it and everything. so anyways, to all of you who’ve been experiencing this, you should probably try this method and i hope you’ll ge as lucky as i did. thanks to all thos who helped. whew.

I have Windows XP. Scrivener installed and left an icon on my desktop: “Scrivener Beta 1.4”. When I click it, it doesn’t “open” a program or make anything happen, other than a message telling me when the beta will expire. Using Windows “Search,” I see that several Scrivener-related files are on my computer, but nothing “works” in the traditional sense of a software program opening up. Shouldn’t something open that looks like a traditional software program?

When you get the message that the beta expiry date there should be an ok button. Press this and Scrivener should load.