Can't Install Software

I just bought a new MacBook Pro 13". I’ve never owned a Mac before. I’ve wanted one for 20 years. However, I can’t install Scrivener. :cry: I’ve been trying for the last hour. I’ve followed the onscreen instructions. When I drop the install icon onto the applications folder, all it does is put that icon into the folder. It doesn’t install. Please help. Thanks.

Installation on a Mac doesn’t ever look like much, so it might be ready to roll.

Have you tried to start Scrivener from the Applications folder with a double click? I hope that doesn’t sound insultingly obvious, but I remember having this kind of `problem’ myself when I got my Mac feet wet a few years ago.



What “install” icon? The Mac version doesn’t have an install icon, just the Scrivener icon. The confusion may be because you are new to Macs, and most shareware on Macs is installed from a disk image. We have a full set of instructions on how to install here: … r-mac-os-x

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I was guessing that the `install’ icon meant the Scrivener S that needs dragging to the Applications folder. Not much seems to happen on a Mac (for most programmes) thereafter, and newbie Mac-users (like myself a few years ago) sometimes wait around a while for the song and dance to begin …



(b.t.w. Keith - I was in Truro on Saturday - I’d been giving some lectures at Falmouth U. I didn’t realize it was your home town. Next time I pass through I shall do a Scrivener wave).

lol… thanks so much. I worked out what I was doing wrong. :blush: