Can't Install Upgrade

I posted this question 10 days ago and never got a reply, so I try again.

I have been unable to install the 1.6.1 upgrade. It downloads okay, and when I start to install I get this message:

“Error copying file from packed archive. c:\Users[user name]\App Data\Local\Temp\Scrivener 1610 update.exe
to c:\Program Files(x86)\Scrivener\eWebclient.dll
Destination not writable”

Then the abort, retry, ignore buttons. Retry and ignore do nothing. Abort closes the program.

Sometimes another file besides ewebclient.dll is mentioned, such as phonon4.dll. Such files do exist and I have made sure they are not read_only, and that permissions are granted for them.

TIA for any suggestions.

Have you tried uninstalling the old version first, and then installing the new download? It sounds like the install folder’s permissions are messed up.