Can't italicize when in composition mode when moving between text

How to reproduce it: a scene/text in composition mode.
2. navigate to a text before or after using keyboard shortcut
3. return to origianl scene
4. highlight text and try to italicize. Nothing happens.

To fix it, I have to exit and then re-enter composition mode.

Happening on release candidate version as well.


I don’t think your instructions are clear enough.

Navigate to text before or after what?

  1. Open composition mode
  2. From within the composition view, using the keyboard shortcut, go to the next or previous document
  3. Using the keyboard shortcut, return to the text document you were working on
  4. Select any text, and press ctrl-I or ctrl-B to italicise/bold
  5. Italics and bolds do not happen

To fix it, close composition mode, re open composition mode. Now, you can bold or italicize just fine.

Thanks for the instructions!

Tested this out, and it seems to be the same for me as well – seems to be exclusive to Composition Mode, as it works fine in the regular editor, and does indeed seem to fix itself on ‘rebooting’ Comp Mode.

would be great if this could be logged as a bug please. this is one thing that trips me up pretty much every day.


Hi anja.zamari,

I have not been able to replicate this yet. What keyboard shortcuts are you using to navigate documents? And does this occur for you in all projects (for example the tutorial?)

Thanks for your help with this.

Hi, whenever I do alt+shift+up arrow or down and then come back to the original document.


Hi Anja.Zamari,

I am still unable to replicate this. Can you please send a sample project showing the issue to with a link to this thread? Perhaps there is something specific in your setup that is causing the problem.


Nor can I! Must be fixed in one of the more recent builds!!!
Please ignore this and thanks for fixing it even if you didn’t know of it :slight_smile: