Can't launch RC 19 on W7

Hey guys, thank you all in advance for reading this.

I installed the RC 19 for the first time onto my Windows 7 machine (.NET v4.6.2 req. met too) and the application seems to load, but aborts after “loading spell checker engine” and closes (nothing in Task Manager aswell).

I already reinstalled everything 3x times, restarting the PC in each uninstall to install it fresh. My system is x64 and I tried both x64 and x32 softwares, same problem.

Does anyone know how to help me fix it?

Check your SmartScreen settings and anti-virus applications to make sure they’re not blocking it running. You may need to whitelist the Scrivener executable and directory in the latter.

Make sure the speech module (“speechsdk”) is installed, then try again.


I tried that and all seems to be good with it but, sadly, it didn’t solve. :frowning:

Thank you again for the help.

Is this a scrivener module? I googled it and i’m downloading one called “speechsdk51”, I will let you know if this solve it or not.

Thank you so much for the help.

I installed the aforementioned module, no good. Same problem. T_T

You could also look in the Event Viewer under Windows Logs / Application and see if there are entries timestamped with the time you started the program. If you want to make sure you’re looking at the correct time, open Event Viewer, then open the app and wait for it to shut down, then go back to Event Viewer and select Action / Refresh to refresh the list (I believe hitting F5 will also refresh the list).

I did this and there’s no entry of it. For the pastday I’ve been trying is just a bunch of logon prefs entries and “Security-SPP”. :c

Check out these instructions on how to launch Scrivener with logging to see if that can help get some additional details on what is happening.

I will, thank you.

Logs as requested in the other forum linked (I sent to the Support E-mail aswell):

From the log file, it looks like you’re missing a Windows text-to-speech voice for the current language setting. Check in your Windows settings and try installing/enabling a TTS voice. (This Microsoft article should get you started.)

A while back we did have a crash that a few people ran into from not having a language voice installed; we thought that had been resolved, but it may be you’ve run into an edge case.

I checked and I, indeed, was missing the speech module, so I tried in a few sites but most of them where broken, no functional links in microsoft domains about the subject… So I did a clean reinstall of W7with another .iso and the Scrivener RC 20 worked like a charm.

Thank you all for the help! ^-^