Can't launch Scrivener (Nor Scapple)


I’m on windows 10
I have just donwloaded a few days ago those 2 apps.
I used them a few times.

Now I can’t launch them, or uninstall them (They appear as launched on the control panel) but nothing seems to be.

Thanks for help

I am having a similar issue. I downloaded the free trial yesterday, and I can’t get past the installer. The program is not on my computer and will not load. What’s the point of this software if we cannot install or launch it?

I have figured out that the trial is not compatible with Windows 10.

Did you download the Mac trial? That’s the only reason it wouldn’t be compatible.

A lot of people are using Scrivener 1.9.X on Windows 10 with no problems.

Thank you. I am downloading the right version, but my computer does not like the software. I think I am going to give up. On an unrelated note, I just saw the edit button for these posts.