Can't Make 'Find' Function


Have been putting up with this problem for a long time and finally have had enough. I simply cannot make the Find command work. I get to the point that I have a dialogue box and I’m able to enter something to find, but the program always says there are no results. Of course, I know there are, I just can’t get to them.

I’m in the binder when I try to do this, if that helps. I thought perhaps if I went to Scrivenings, Find might work, but I can’t find Scrivenings. So…hoping someone can help.

Many thanks,

Open the interactive tutorial.

In the binder, click on the document called START HERE.

The document should be displayed inside the editor. Click anywhere inside the editor.

Ctrl+F to launch the find dialog. Enter ‘the’ and press Next.

Did Scriv find the next ‘the’?

If you mean the Ctrl-F find, I beleve it is the editor that has to be in focus for that to work.

To find things through the binder, you should use Project Search and click the magnifying glass to refine the search. But someone who uses your version of Windows Sceiv will have to guide you with that.



Thanks to both of you. I tried your suggestion, Jim, and it worked, but when i tried it in my document with an oft repeated name, it only returns one example. Then it says 'Do you want to start at the beginning of the document?" and when I say yes, it doesn’t return any more. However, following your example, i put my cursor on Manuscript and it worked.

All good.

Thanks again,