Can't move blank page in front matter

I’m ready to publish my novel but I can’t get the compile to work correctly. A blank page is inserted after the title page but before the copyright page. As this is not standard, it looks bad when I view the PDF. I’m including the Paperback Novel front matter.

I have tried finding the “code” to remove the blank page to no avail. I have tried manually moving the blank page in the Binder navbar to the desired location and ensuring it is checked during Compile as well as manually inserting a page break on the desired page, and even deleting the existing blank page from the Binder. From what I can see either in the Editor window or during Compile, there is no reason why a blank page should be there.

Can anyone shed light on why this is happening and how to remove or move the blank page?


Open the PDF in preview. Select the thumbnail of the problem page and just delete it.

The extra page might be trailing paragraph returns. You can tell compile to remove them.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m used to removing pages from PDFs when at work. I just never thought to do it with this one; figured Scrivener could handle it within the program itself.

Have you checked the source text itself for extra page breaks? Sometimes text pasted in from other word processors will have page breaks in them. Try Format/Options/Show Invisibles, and maybe insert a page break manually (from Edit/Insert/) to see what one looks like, or to copy and paste it into a search field.

Yes, it turned out that there was a page break hidden at the top of page.

Thanks for the tip.