Can't move items in a collection viewed as a corkboard

I want to experiment with putting some scenes (documents) in a different order. So I create a new collection, and select all to see them as a corkboard. But then I can’t change the order on the corkboard, though I can do so in the binder. Is this a bug or is it meant to be this way? Is there any other way to do this?

When you select all the items in a collection, they’re loaded in the editor as a multiple selection, meaning you can’t change the order–this is true of any arbitrary selection you make in the binder, and a collection is just a subset of the binder. We’ll be addressing this in the next major release so there will be a way of treating collections like binder folders, letting you load them in a way that you can then arrange the items on the editor and so forth, but for now you’ll need to do the rearranging in the collection view directly in the binder.