can't move outside folders into "Manuscript" /Draft?

Hello, everybody!

I am new to Scrivener but I dutifully did the tutorial (well at least the shortened version as I thought I wouldn’t need the fancy features for a while). However, I seem to have reached the following deadlock:
I am writing my master thesis in Scrivener and it grows very organically, hence, I copied the Manuscript folder to make adjustments to my subfolders in the copy so as not to destroy my original outline before I am satisfied.
Now the first version finally became obsolete and I wanted to compile my efforts for review by my supervisors.
Unfortunately, I CANNOT no matter what move my copied/edited folders back into the Manuscript. So I am unable to compile my content at all.
Does anyone have an idea what the reason might be?

In the attached image you can see the sign next to the cursor indicating that the drag and drop is not permitted. (I had to take a pic with my phone cause it doesn’t show up in a screenshot, so please forgive the quality). For some reason I can move a few folders into the manuscript but only front, end matter or the discussion chapter (which is pretty empty so far). I also tested whether the inserted pdf or jpg attachments in certain folders are a problem (by removing and checking the drag and drop) but no difference. I am lost.

Is this just a bug for me or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you so much in advance for any help!!

Why move anything? As I understand your issue, you essentially have:
rev 1. - lots of stuff
Rev 2 - Lots of stuff and more

Why stick rev2 back into rev one? Just don’t compile rev 1.

Another way of doing this would have been to do a save as: Thesis-Rev2.

making another project and messing with it all you wanted. then just leaving rev 1 behind.

A third way would be to save as: thesis rev2.
Then delete everything in rev 1.

Are you trying to move documents with the same name as documents currently residing there?


thanks for the reply.

So to answer you questions:
When I began working I set out an outline with folder structure in the manuscript but then came up with a new way to structure it. Scrivener offering it’s flexibility I thought, I can simply copy the manuscript folder, edit it and eventually just 1) abandon the initial manuscript folder - or 2) go back to it as a safe copy of the outline.
Now 1) is not possible cause I learned only now that the compile function can ONLY compile what is in the manuscript folder. Hence, I also can’t do what you suggested of just not compiling the part I don’t want - cause it simply wouldn’t contain any of the parts I need. 2) is useless cause it would throw me back by weeks.

With another project you mean opening an entirely new file?
The solution you suggest with saving in different files is a good option to avoid my problem beforehand I think but now I have to find another workaround.

There are no duplicates now because I cleaned out the manuscript folder before I tried to reinsert the new folder structure.

I think I found the problem. It really is about the pictures or other inserted files. I remember something about it vaguely from the tutorial saying that you can insert pics in your research folder but not in your manuscript -.-
It just didn’t work work me first time I tried removing the pdf cause there was still a pic hidden somewhere in the folders so the drag and drop was still blocked.

Yes, that’s the reason. You can’t put images, or, I think, any attachments in the Drafts folder. But you’ve already figured that out! :slight_smile:

Right :slight_smile: But just for the sake of completion I wanted to add, that it is possible to “add” pictures etc in the manuscript - you just gotta paste it right into the text and adjust the size manually. It really disturbs the flow of the text when you are trying to write but… it is possible! :wink:
Have a good day and thanks for replying!