Can't open any previous projects

I just bought scrivener (happily) but unfortunately cannot open any previous scrivener project. I cleared recents and now nothing will open. I need to get inside the projects on windows–how???

I cleared recents because I moved all scrivener projects under one larger folder. I am using open to open. I can open them all just fine using my Mac. When I go to select the folder of an existing project then the project–nothing happens most the time with S4W. At one point the program just hung as I tried to open a project then crashed. This is what happens with all projects.

NB: projects that were not moved open. Just projects that had once been opened, were moved, cleared from recent, will not reopen.
After trying to open with S4W I then go to the mac and get error zero length data–I click ok and all is well. This only happens with the Mac when i try to open first with S4W.
I even saved with Mac under a new name–it still does not open

I can send you a file. No matter where I copy it to with the Mac it will not open with S4W.

What version of Mac Scrivener are you running? Mac 1.x projects need to be updated to 2.0 projects to be compatible with the Windows version. Downloading the Mac Scrivener trial and running it will allow you to convert your projects.

Hope that helps!

I need a fix for this. the mac software is up-to-date as is the windows software. NO projects that were moved can be reloaded. Can I send a project to you so you can see this for yourself?? Please also notice I gave VERY complete details about the problem. I can’t use my projects with windows :frowning: This makes the software useless for me.

If you have transferred/copied whole projects from Mac to Win, have you tried going into Windows Explorer & seeing if you can locate your projects in this fashion.

If you find your project folder, you should see a file with a .scrivx extension – clicking on this should load your project

If you open the project’s .scriv folder on Windows, do you see more than one .scrivx file inside? That could cause Scrivener for Windows not to be able to open it, even though it works on the Mac. This sort of thing usually happens from a sync glitch, if you’re using something like Dropbox, but it could’ve come in another way from a funky copy/paste on Windows or the like.

Could you verify also these are Mac 2.0 projects, and not 1.x versions? If they’re pre-2.0 they’ll need to be upgraded before they can be opened on Windows, as Stacey mentioned. Otherwise could you let us know what version of Windows you’re running and what version of Scrivener for Windows (Help > About Scrivener)?

I’m having a similar issue, and I do see more than one .scrivx files inside the .scriv folder. I saved the file directly to a USB stick from my Macintosh and put it on my windows. They are Mac 2.0 (with the new update) files, and I have the new 1.0.3 version of Scrivener on windows. What do I do to resolve the issue?

zarkedct - Sorry for the late reply; you may have gotten this worked out already. Basically if you have two .scrivx files, you just need to remove one of them (the older one, presumably) from the project folder. As I said, this usually is a result of a sync conflict, so it’s possible the two files have different structures–what’s in the binder and where–but if you haven’t noticed any problems with the project in the Mac version, then you can delete the older .scrivx file without worry. (Only one is being read and written to when you open the project, so if you’ve opened and worked in the project on the Mac since the date of the older of the two files, then you know you’ve been working with the other one and thus aren’t missing anything from the older.) For safety of course it’s not a bad idea to backup the whole project first–right-click the .scriv file on the Mac and choose “Compress” or right-click the .scriv folder on Windows and choose “Send to / Compressed (zipped) folder”. Then go ahead and delete the extraneous .scrivx file and open the project.