Cant open existing project from MacOS on iOS (from Dropbox) - Only creating new projects is possible


I don’t find an app-option to open an existing project. I can only create new projects. I want to open my project that I saved on Dropbox in the app. (I activated the Dropbox-Synchronisation already).

Thanks in advance!


What version of Scrivener do you have on the Mac?

Also, is the Dropbox application running on the Mac, or did you upload via the Dropbox web interface?


… and is iOS Scrivener set up to look in the Dropbox folder where you save your projects?

A troubleshooting guide for iOS synchronization can be found here: … os-syncing


Hey guys- thanks for your answers!
My problem ist not the synchronization but that I don’t find an “Open existing project”-function on the IOS app. I only find the function “New Project”. Does anyone know a path here? - Sorry if I didn’t write this clear before.

If hou tell Scrivener to look in the correct folder (Edit, Grar wheel, Dropbox settings) and then tap sync, you will ser all projects on the projects screen.

There is no Open command in iOS.

If the project’s visible on the Project screen, just tap on it. If it’s not, then what you really have is a sync issue – it’s not located somewhere that iOS Scrivener can see.


Thanks a lot everyone! I could solve the problem with the grar wheel and I changed the synchronization folder. I use a different path one from the standard Srivener folder path on dropbox. That was the reason there was no synchronization at first.