Can't open existing projects in Scrivener

Hey everybody,

I’ve been using Scrivener on Mac for ages. Now I’m actually moving away from the Mac and migrating more and more of my computers to Linux. And I’m really glad that attempts are being made to offer Scrivener as a Linux binary.

I’m running Kubuntu 14.04 and haven’t had any issues installing Scrivener and using it natively on Linux. However I’ve had issues opening my existing projects I started on my Mac.
When I open up scrivener, navigate into the .scriv folder and want to open the .scrivx file nothing happens.
And when I try to open the project via the Terminal with

scrivener ./<name>.scrivx

it launches Scrivener, however then hangs on the new/ project selector. And the Terminal doesn’t yield any helpful output.

Has anyone encountered this error as well? Can someone maybe help me with this? It would be highly appreciated.
Thanks :slight_smile: <3

Are you moving the entire *.scriv folder? Also, were the projects created with 2.0 of the Mac version? If not, there are going to be issues. If you still have access to a mac, download the trial version of 2.0 (if you don’t have a license), open up your projects and save them. They should open up in the Linux version. (My recipe project was originally created on a mac, and I’ve used it recently.)

Hey, thanks for your reply.
The projects from my Mac have been originally created on Scrivener 2.0, yes. I have the version installed that’s from the Mac App Store.

And I’m syncing the .scriv files via Wuala. I will try moving them tomorrow via a USB stick or similar devices.

But in general I’ve noticed a few weird bugs in the Linux version with opening and closing projects :confused:

Oooh, OK. Sounds like you have multiple, possibly corrupted *.scrivx files in the same project. You should read these two posts about using Scrivener with networked drives and Dropbox (and its ilk):

Here’s how one person fixed the error you were getting, but make a backup of your project first: … r-and.html

Yay! That worked :slight_smile: Thank you.
I removed the conflicting files from the project and now it opens. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: <3

Btw…about the Linux version in general…do you know who it is developed by? I mean…it’s not official, right? Is it just a port of the Windows version? Is there a place where I could read about that kinda stuff?
And when I could be expecting updates and features?

It’s done by the same people who did the Windows port (Lee and Tiho.) These forums are probably the most up-to-date information on what’s going on. The Announcement forum (not in the windows group) is a good source of news, too.

The Linux port doesn’t get love as fast as the Windows port, but it’s pretty well-supported. It used to be completely unofficial, no warranties, experimental thing, but I think it’s pretty much a given alongside windows and OSX.