Can't Open Files on PC via Mac Dropbox Sync

Hey there, wondering if anyone else is running into the problem of having to sync between Scrivener 3 (Mac) and Scrivener 1 (PC).

Whenever I try to open the project on my PC I get an error message. Is there any workaround to this? Sucks because it seems like I’ll have to wait until 3 comes out for PC :frowning:

As you’ve found out the hard way, Scriv 3 projects don’t work on PC yet.

Your choices:

  1. On the Mac, export as Scriv 2 project (I’m not sure exactly what the menu option is called, but it’s under Export). That will create a downgraded copy of the project that your PC can read. After working on the project from your PC, you’ll need to upgrade that copy of the project back to Scriv 3 when you try to open it on your Mac. Rinse and repeat.

  2. On the Mac, downgrade your Scriv software to 2.9. That version will run on the PC. You’ll lose the new Scriv 3 features, but you’ll be able to use both your machines.


The third option, for those that are able to take a bit of a risk, is download the beta of v. 3 for windows, taking note that it is a beta, and use with caution. There are still many features not implemented, and the bug hunt is very much on, but it should open Mac v. 3 projects.