Can't open Mac project on Windows

Okay. This one’s got me stumped. I’m currently using a fully-updated Mac desktop running OSX 10.9, and a windows 7 laptop. Project was originally created in Mac; I’ve been able to open it successfully on the laptop several times. I use Google Drive to sync.

Windows Scrivener version:
Mac Scrivener version: 2.5

Yesterday, though, I had a conflict (user error) and wound up having to restore an old version of the project through Google drive (old by a few days.)

Last night, I was unable to open the Scrivener project for this file. I created a new one as a workaround, but it lacks all my references. It doesn’t give me an error… it just doesn’t load! I can still successfully open the project on my Mac. It opens up the start screen (New Project) but doesn’t load my file. Trying to access it through the “Open Existing Project” button on the new project screen provides the same results.

I’m able to easily open the temp doc I created last night on the windows version with no trouble. Older files. It’s just this one.

I really need to be able to work on my laptop! That was the whole point of buying two copies. Suggestions? I suppose I can recreate the thing if I have to, but… I’d rather not if I can avoid it.

Looks like this thread is the same: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=25135

Feel free to close my duplicate. :wink:

I’m not seeing the overlap, so I’m going to point out a couple of things.

First, it looks like you’re running a very old version of Scrivener for Windows. It’s currently at 1.6.1. I’d download the “trial” version from the website manually, uninstall your old version, and then install the new one. There was a time when the updater didn’t work; yours may be that version.

Second, Google Drive is known to cause a lot of file conflicts with Scrivener. You may have avoided it due to either luck, an upgrade in their sync technology, or possibly settings like a longer auto-save delay. Still, there are files that can change so rapidly that GD will stumble with them and cause sync issues even if you do everything correctly. Proceed with caution if you continue to use GD with Scrivener for anything but .zip’d backups.

It’s possible that you still have some kind of sync cruft. For instance (and this is only one possible source of a problem), the .scrivx file in your project folder (as seen on Windows, or if you peek inside it on your Mac) is named for the project name on Mac, but on Windows, it starts out with “Project.scrivx”. It usually gets along fine with the Mac naming convention for that file, but is it possible that you have two or more non-backup versions that are confusing the Windows side of things?

The most expedient way to resolve an issue like this though, is to create a new project on the Mac, then drag the contents of your binder from the old version to the new, empty project binder. That will give you a clean project to continue writing with that should also open cleanly on Windows.

Good luck!

Just to add to what Robert already said (and I concur with all his suggestions), the most common cause of this problem is having multiple .scrivx files within the project folder, so definitely take a look for that and for any other cases of conflicted or duplicate files within the folder. Dropbox appends these files with “conflicted” and the user or machine name that created them; I’m not familiar with GoogleDrive’s method, but I’d guess it’s something similar. Make a backup of the project folder before you go poking around in it, and then with that done go ahead and just remove any of the conflicted copies you find. You can drag the out to somewhere outside the project and take a look at them later or reimport if any are text files that you need to compare to the documents within the project.

RDG, I disagree (respectfully) with your emphasis here. It’s not the fault of Google Drive, since almost no cloud-synch service does that well with Scrivener’s “package” structure. IMHO, the only safe way to use an online storage site is for compressed ZIP files. Especially if those files are large and complex, often the case with Scrivener.

Users get misled about this because it’s easy to save a long Word or Excel file to GD or DB at home and open it up at work. A Scrivener project is NOT a single file. We might say that’s mainly what prevents Scrivener from being a reliable write-and-synch product. But that’s a different emphasis! :open_mouth:

I’ll concede that my emphasis may be built upon misleading information; Google Drive users come here with issues that look like sync problems, others chime in with opinions that it can’t handle rapid saves, and I draw the conclusion that it’s less reliable than Dropbox. GD may be equally well (or poorly) suited to keeping a live scrivener project synced, and we just don’t have any savvy risk takers to prove such suitability.

I still hold that a careful observation of the principles outlined in the “Scrivener Everywhere” section of the manual will let you edit a Scrivener project on Dropbox. However,what I do not dispute is that any sync service will introduce another point of potential failure if you edit your projects in folders under their control. I agree with the sentiment that all sync services are suspect and best used for backups only–but I still take advantage of the convenience anyway, despite the risks.