Can't open my file!

Hi there. I am not able to open my story on my PC.

Here’s my setup: Windows 8.1, Mac OSX 10.9.5, and Dropbox.

I’ve just been typing away on my story on the Mac, saved everything Dropbox (watched it finish), then switched to my PC, sync’d Dropbox (watched it all download), and tried to open the same file. Nothing happens. Scrivener just acts like I haven’t clicked anything.

So I create a brand new doc on the PC, sync it to my Mac, and it opens. Then I sync it back to my PC again and it opens. Great! So then I try and import my project into this brand new Scrivener file (which I know works on both PC and Mac) and I get an error message saying, ‘This directory is not a scrivener project.’

So then I check all my .scrivener files and all of them open fine except the one I want, and have been mainly using (and possibly created) on my Mac.


The usual cause of this is a duplicate project (.scrivx) file or other extra files created from a sync conflict. Try the steps here.