Can't open project in Scrivener for Windows

I seem to be having an issue that started right after I upgraded to Scrivener 1.7.x for Windows.

I use both Scrivener for Windows and for Mac (2.x) and store my projects in Lockbox to share between my Windows and Mac machines. This worked great at first. Then, after the upgrade, it seems that after I edit a project on my Mac and try to open it in Windows, it won’t do anything. By that I mean, I select the .scriv “folder”; the dialog shows the .scrivx project file; I select the project file and nothing happens. It never opens and I get no error message. It’s as though it’s ignoring or not recognizing the project at all. Other projects that I have yet to edit on my Mac still work correctly.

The sole reason I purchased both licenses was so I could share my work between my Windows and Mac machines. I’d really like to get this capability back. Can someone help me?


Check out this thread

That was it! There was a duplicate .scrivx file in the folder. I tacked a .save on the end (I didn’t want to delete it yet), tried again and it opened.

I’m also going to look at using the suggestions about using Dropbox with Scrivener in the KB article.

That you so much for your help!