Can't open project now

Hi all,

Ok so I updated to Mountain Lion (whichI don’t think is the problem) and now I can’t open my current project. I can open other ones I have created but not the latest.

All Scrivener does is hang when I select the file and click open button. Corrupted file?

Any ideas? I have moved it to my desktop but still it won’t open. I can view the contents but can’t get it open in Scrivener.

Any help much appreciated!

This is an unfamiliar procedure to me; I’m not aware of an open button, and typically one would do things the other way around. They would use the File/Open... menu command and then select the file. Or if they are going from the Finder side, double-clicking the file.

At any rate, when you say you’ve moved it to the desktop, does that mean it used to be on a file server or something of this nature? If you use some kind of third-party synchronisation you might want to check the contents for conflicted resources. Right-click on the project, choose “Show Package Contents” and see if there are files marked as being conflicted. Move those out of the project (rather than deleting them, just in case), and then try again.

I would, as always when messing with the internal files, make a backup of the project first. That’s easy to do; just right-click and choose to compress it. That will make a zipped copy alongside the original.