Can't open project on iOS . App freezes

Hi all,

I have problem opening a project I’m currently working on. When i try to open it the entire app frizzed .
There is no trouble with opening any other project .

This project is just text ( nearly 70 000 words ) , no images attached or links . It is synced with Dropbox .
I tried making a copy to safe in my iPad but still won’t open .

Any suggestions ?

I don’t have a desktop scrivener unfortunately, where could have been more options for dealing with troubleshooting .

Sorry, I can’t help but this has happened on my Microsoft Surface. I thought it might be my Surface as I am accessing it on my Homegroup but now I am guessing it Scrivener, as I use Evernote and it opens up on every device I have immediately. I did an internet search and people say they have problems with the speed so I am a bit annoyed because everything else is so good about Scrivener. I have emailed them but they haven’t replied yet

Scrivener for iOS and Scrivener for Windows—whether run on a Surface Pro or any other Windows hardware—are totally different applications not sharing any codebase. I’m not a member of the L&L team, but:

@Ele N, it might help those who will try to sort you out if you can remember what the last thing that you did on the problem project was before the problem arose. You say it’s only text, but is it text that you just typed in or text that you imported somehow from some external source? My best guess is that if you could somehow make the project accessible to the L&L team, they would be able to identify what is going wrong.

@patmac, you’re unlikely to get any help for problems on a Surface Pro from a thread in the Scrivener for iOS forum. Posting in the Windows forum will be more productive. Sadly, though, as a Mac user, I can’t offer you any help or advice.

But I wish you both the best and hope your problems get resolved soon. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I did post my query in the Windows forum I was just looking at other questions. I know its a different platform but it is awfully annoying. I did have Scrivener years ago and was able to access on my laptop from the Home Group without any problems - but yet again I do wonder are we so used to a instant response we have no patience.

Thank you all for your thoughts .

@Mark : 90% of the text was typed and the other imported from Notes and reformatted . But I didn’t have any problems after each import . The last thing I did before the problem occurred was just typing .
Anyway , I contacted LiteretureAndLatte after your suggestion and will wait and see if they can recover the project for me .

All the best


Is it broken up in many small documents or more or less one big single document with all text?