Can't open project on MacBook Pro, but it does open on iMac

I have a large (726MB) project that I store on Dropbox and work on on both my MacBook Pro and my iMac. Suddenly I can’t open the project on the MacBook – it seems to open but then hangs and finally crashes Scrivener. When I then try to open that same project back on the iMac, I can’t because Scrivener thinks it is open elsewhere. Thankfully I can copy the project and it does open on the iMac, but that copied project won’t open on the MacBook either.

Both machines are running V3.2.1. and MacOS 10.15.7. Scrivener opens successfully without any project open on the MacBook, and other projects seem to load okay. It’s just this large project (which did open fine a few days ago) that is causing issues.

I really need to resolve this so I can travel with the project in a few days. Any thoughts? Any chance the project is running up against some limit on the MacBook? I tried restarting the machine but that didn’t make any difference. I’ve also sent the logs to tech support.

The two things I would suggest are:

  1. Reset the project’s display settings, as explained here: … y-settings

  2. Install this test build, which fixes all known 3.2.1-related issues: …


Thanks Katherine. Resetting the project settings did the trick.