Can't open project

So, I have tried googling this, but to no avail. I was digging through an old novel of mine, written in Scrivener, and I was horrified to see the project won’t open. When Scrivener changed the project files, it created a backup, which does, in fact, open-however it is too out of date, and I’d rather not work from that.

Any more recent backups have been lost due to a hard drive failure, and if I didn’t have this novel on Dropbox, I would be worse off than I am now.

I did some investigation, and it looks like the .scrivx file is nothing more than an XML file, pointing to the File-> docs folder.

If I copy and paste the File folder to my backup is there any way to recreate my project file? Otherwise it doesn’t recognize a number of documents in the File folder, even though they exist.
Thank you!

Edit: In other words, it looks like the scrivx file in my novel is corrupt, as the file size is significantly smaller than the backup.