Can't open .scriv file after transferring to new Macbook


I’m guessing I’ve done something drastically wrong here, but I was looking for some help anyway.

I have a story on one computer, I sell it, I transfer the .scriv file across to another computer as if it were a .docx file or something similar.

When I try to open the document, Scrivener tells me this:

When I right-click, there’s no “Show Package Contents” option.

Am I doomed? It isn’t an older format, as far as I can tell, and I’m using the same OS system, and the files are only 204 kb each…

How was the transfer accomplished? Emailing a project without .zip archiving it usually doesn’t work, but copying to a thumb drive usually does. Do you have any backups from your old computer?

I emailed the .scriv file to myself. Bad idea? I just assumed it would work like a .psd or .docx

Internally, there are potentially thousands of files in various folders in a .scriv project. It’s a “bundle” which is just a fancy word for a folder with an extension. OS X treats that kind of folder (along with all it’s contents) like a file, but not email, which was designed without the ability to handle folders with lots of files as attachments.

The solution for sending a scriv project via email is to use File->Back Up->Back Up To… with the .zip compression option turned on, and then mailing that .zip-compressed backup.

Do you have a Time Machine backup of your old computer? You could pull it from there (along with all your other files).