Can't open Scrivener at all

For some reason I cannot get Scrivener to open at all. When I go to it via the Start menu, nothing happens. When I try to open an existing Scrivener file, also nothing happens.

Prior to this, Scrivener did open one window after a very long time. However, the window was just blank white and when I clicked on it I got ‘not responding’. After this, I restarted my computer and have the problem I have now which is that Scrivener does not react at all.

I could try to uninstall and reinstall, but I’m not sure if that counts as one more installation in the total number of installations allowed under one licence?

Hi Tambourine,

I replied to a message that I think was yours in our technical support queue yesterday, but if you are continuing to have problems, please send another email there with the additional information outlined in my reply, and we’ll try to get things sorted out for you.

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same problem in win7.1 so interested to know if you have resolved the issue.
Scrivener and Scapple open fine in safe with networking mode but not on normal start up.
Seems to be a problem with the qt framework, maybe with Norton 360 or maybe Microsoft visual C++ redistribution files. All programs and system files are up to date. Turning off Norton 360 did not resolve the issue.
Tried reinstalls but no success. Have logged this issue with tech support.

Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1
Also using McAfee, but disabled access protection, uninstalled and reinstalled Scrivener, still no dice. Situation is not dire; works on work laptop, but still…not this home desktop.
Scapple is fine.

Adding my name to the list who have this issue - Win 7 Ultimate (64 bit). I don’t use norton or mcafee.

The “Not responding” window actually opens after like an hour. Also - if I open Scrivener immediately on bootup - it loads just fine.

Really annoying issue.

If Scrivener launches without issue in Safe Mode or right on initial boot, this definitely sounds like a case of some other software interfering. You can use Microsoft’s msconfig tool to disable all the startup items, then re-enable them in batches, rebooting and testing with Scrivener after each set, to narrow down to the one that’s causing the conflict. Once you’ve identified the software, you may be able to adjust settings to prevent the conflict, e.g. with backup software or security software you could most likely set it to exclude Scrivener from what it monitors or add Scrivener to its whitelist.

I had the same problem recently on my Windows 7 Computer with Scrivener not launching any more and becoming “non-responsive”. Seems to be an issue after a Windows Update. Finally, i solved it, with right-click on the Scrivener.exe file in the installation folder and then choose Properties, then “Compatibility” and setting the option to run the program in compatibility mode to “Windows 7”, as described also in another thread in this forum. Worked fine in my case.

Yes! Etojok, that worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!

Took a minute for me to figure out the installation folder was Program Files (x86).

Same problem here. I’ve tried to follow Etojok’s advice, but I seem not to have any ‘Compatibility’ option under the application’s properties. I would be grateful for some suggestions, I feel a bit lost without access to my project!

EDIT: I think I’ve just found a different way to alter compatibility options :slight_smile: I simply went to the Control Panel -> Programmes -> Run programmes made for previous versions of Windows. Then I chose Scrivener from the list and followed the instructions to set up new compatibility settings. And now everything works fine.

I’m sure it’s obvious for many, but there may be more people like me who could do with this piece of information :slight_smile:

After I updated to the latest Windows version of Scrivener (1.8.6), I also couldn’t open Scrivener in my Windows 8-based laptop. Followed this advice by Etojok:

Worked for me! Thanks, Etojok…

Thanks Etojok!

Like several others, one day it was fine and the next day nothing worked. Even after several installs/uninstalls/Computer OS systems restores/C++ downloads, et. al. Been pulling my hair out all weekend. Cannot believe it was something as simple as this.

I am a new user and will turn to this Scrivener Forum in the future. Thanks again to anyone and everyone who helps support this forum on behalf of Scrivener users. You people are awesome!

P.S. Of course, that fix worked for Scrapple as well (same problem arose simultaneously).

Well, it probably isn’t something ‘as simple as this’, but good if it works for you.

Scrivener works just fine on Windows 8, 8.1, etc…

However Windows itself has so many ways to scramble itself that Microsoft will tell you to reinstall it when you get tired of problems. And then you’d have to reinstall all the software you’ve bought, with passwords, etc…

Maybe 10 will be their chance to remedy more of this; it does seem possible…

I see a lot less of this kind of behavior these days from applications that run against native Windows frameworks and APIs, versus those that run against third-party frameworks and runtimes environments. I’m not suggested that Scrivener should stop using QT – just pointing out that adding layers of indirection can increase the chances of unexpected interactions.

Just had a similar issue - Scrivener opening a blank window with spinning “Doing Something” marker in Windows 7, and nothing else.

Uninstalled, removed config files, re-installed, etc., no difference.

Changing the Scrivener Compatibility in Windows 7 to be ‘Windows 7’ seems counter-intuitive, but also seems to have worked. :open_mouth: