Can't open Scrivener Mac 2.0 projects in Scrivener Windows

Not sure I’d call this a bug, but…

I haven’t had any issues opening up Scriv for Windows projects on my Mac with Scriv 2.0, but I’m having some issues vice-versa: trying to open projects created in Scriv Mac 2.0 on the Windows Beta. It won’t open, but acts like it’s going to and then acts as if it’s a new project entirely.

I’ve tried creating an arbitrary project in Scriv for Windows and then cutting and pasting Docs, etc from the Mac project to no avail (it only imports the first doc).

Any ideas? I’m away from my Mac and kinda screwed otherwise - relegated to opening all those .rtfs and importing one by one.


Are you using the latest beta (1.4)? I found that with the earlier versions, Mac projects that had been upgraded to 2.0 from 1.54 didn’t open properly, but except for one project I don’t seem to have that issue with the latest release. The project that still refuses to open is significantly larger than the others (about 25MB, which isn’t really large but the others that previously gave me trouble were closer to 4MB or smaller), though I’m not sure if that’s the problem with it or not. I haven’t really tested this a lot, just something I came across in an attempt to fix a template.

Indeed: this is a project that was upgraded to Scriv for Mac 2.0 from 1.54 and into Scriv for Windows Beta 1.4.

It looks like it’s going to have to be a manual cut and paste, unfortunately; a pain, but not impossible.

Okay, I found a workaround. I remoted into the Mac, opened both the 2.0 file and the Windows Beta file at the same time both in OSX, and then dragged over all needed files from the 2.0 file. I keep them all in DropBox, so they synced and now I have everything that was on the Mac version on my Windows version. I almost had to rely on Word, which is a little like hell.

Not sure why I didn’t think of that before, but it worked, and that’s all that matters.

From looking into this a bit further, I found that SfW still chokes a bit on project files that are created on SfM that are around the 25MB mark.

I tried this by creating a new project on my Mac mini, dragging copies of the folders and files from my older project to it, and then trying it on my Windows box. The .scriv file was at the 26MB mark and opened, though it had to think about it for a moment. Web archives that I’ve saved in the project don’t particularly open (this is something that I believe will be addressed by the end of the month) which is funny because I’m pretty sure that they’re the bulk of the size in the project. However, there were some anomalies in some of the individual files in the binder–the icons were off and the editor showed information for completely different files altogether.

When I attempted to open the project on the Mac, it claimed that it could not–the information had been corrupted. To see if it was the data or the size, I created a new project for each of the folders in the old project. They all opened accordingly with no issues, including the folder that had corrupted data. The only one that I haven’t been able to confirm this with, however, is the folder that contained the web archives, and I’ll be better able to tell once the next iteration of the beta comes out.

Anyway, hope that this helps.

Web archives might be the fault. There is a known issue with web files that for one reason have another, have lost their original URL info. The Windows version inserts an empty URL declaration for that item, and the Mac version doesn’t know what to do with it, so chokes on it. The end result is, you can take a Mac project to Windows and it opens fine, but once you do so much as open it on the Windows computer, it breaks on the Mac. This incompatibility will be fixed with the next 2.0.3 release for the Mac, coming later this month.

The work-around for this issue is to convert these webarchives to text documents if you can, or just leave them out of the project you commute frequently between platforms.

Well, doing a copy of everything sans the web archives into a project worked rather nicely. One thing that I’m looking at is that I’ve had some of the annotations translated into straight text, e.g. {\Scrv_annot \color={\R=0.147099\G=0.266631\B=0.506787} \text=from 2006 nanowrimo, chapter 8\end_Scrv_annot}

I did a quick search for annotations, but didn’t find any however it’s late and there’s a good chance that I may have missed something.