can't open .scrivx file created on osx

I put the following query on the linux board a few weeks ago, I didn’t get to the bottom of it but then tried the windows version and got the same result - wondered if anyone had any idea of what might be happening

I’ve just started looking at Scrivener for Linux after using it on OSX for some time.

After completing one project, I dug out an old unfinished novel that was created in version 1.x of Scrivener, converted it to v2.0 and began work on it with OSX - No problem.

However, I can’t open this project on the Linux Beta, which has been sync’ed from my Mac to Linux box via Dropbox. When opening it, I get the following error :

[ 2157 ] “Unexpected tag on line 1. Expected tag ScrivenerProject” @ 1 0

I can open other projects that I’ve created on OSX and dropboxed across.

As I say I am getting the same behavior on windows now so presumably it must be something associated with the file?

Any ideas


Hi Tony,

First, double-check that in your .scriv folder there aren’t any duplicated files with “conflicted” in the file name. Dropbox will create these versions of files if there’s a sync conflict, and depending which files get the conflicts, they can prevent Windows Scrivener from opening the file. (Scrivener on the Mac usually isn’t bothered by these, so the project would still open there.)

If you don’t see anything like that, you can zip the whole .scriv folder and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and I’ll take a look at its innards and see if there’s something lingering from the 1.x upgrade that’s preventing Windows from opening it.

Yes there were some conflicted files in the directory and deleting them has fixed it, or at least I can now open it in linux, I am yet to try it on Windows.

Thanks for your help.