Can't open templater I've created

I’ve written and saved two long templates. Files are saved, because I can see them with Windows File manager. When I create a new project and select in and choose current path, I get error message:
“Template “nnn” elready exists. If you continue this template will be overwritten. Continue?”
When I choose , I get a message:
“Could not save template: Please check the file is not in use by any other application.”

So I was trieng to open, not save template. I tried to copy template files with different names, and with different location on hard drive, but nothing seems to help.

I started to use this software today. Am I doing something wrong or did I just found a bug? How I could save my texts?

If you have saved the project as a template, you don’t have import it. Just go to File | New Project and you should see your template in whatever category you saved it under.