Can't open uploaded files

I’ve made it halfway through the Interactive Tutorial, so I hope this won’t be something that’s addressed later on.

I can’t figure out why I can’t open the files in the sub-folders (not sure if that’s what they’re called) that I d/l’d from my PC, then u/l’d into docs in my book’s Project folder.

I think I may have asked this before, but I can’t find a reply.

In Documents:

Project name
Everything shows up, but only the titles of the 30+ topics are Bold and can be clicked. When I bring up the topic, all of its files are below, but they are that gray shade and can’t be opened.

Did I u/l to the wrong place? Should I have somehow u/l’d directly into my project?

Again, I apologize, which I seem to spend a lot of time doing, if this is covered in the tutorial.
Thanks for your time.

Just to make sure we are on the same page, when you refer to uploading and downloading, exactly what are you doing? Are you using FTP, Dropbox, Apple File Sharing, etc. In all cases, there is no such thing as downloading or uploading in or out of a project—which is why I’m a bit stumped. A set of words that would apply in that scenario are “Import” and “Export”, is this what you mean?

It’s a little hard to say what is going on without knowing that bit, but it almost sounds like you are talking about your Mac’s files and folders, and not Scrivener? The titles you’ve listed aren’t standard Scrivener binder items—which is fine, to be clear—I just wanted to make sure when you say “Project folder” you mean something in your binder, and not on your Mac, or that you aren’t placing files directly into the .scriv folder itself on the PC and expecting them to show up in Scrivener.

If you could take a screenshot of this it might help. You can create a screenshot by holding down the Shift and Command keys and tapping the number 4 above the alphabet keys. The cursor will change to a little reticule. Draw a box by clicking and dragging around the spot on the screen you wish to capture, and when you let go of the mouse button, a file will be created on your desktop that you can attach to a forum response.

There is an option to make folders bold in the binder and outliner, but the only time files will appear grey-ish is if they are in the binder Trash—and then it’s only the icon is gets faded out, and you can still open and even edit files that are in the Trash. I can’t think of a single thing that would make it impossible to click on an item in the binder—so again, maybe you’re talking about something else in another application (including Finder)?

If you are trying to import, then yes there are cases where files in the import dialogue box can be greyed out. Main reason: trying to import non-text files into the Draft, or any type of file at all into the Trash. Take care to select the import position in the binder prior to using the import tool, if this matches what you are doing. If you are importing PDF, multimedia, or web pages into your project—make sure something other than Draft (or any items within the Draft) is selected in the binder.