Can't print my document after page 7!

I have been working on a draft of “Chapter 3” for several weeks, and suddenly when I go print, Scrivener will only print up to page 7, although there are about 60 pages. I have tried to play with options in Compile Draft, which is where I believe the problem started! Is there a way to tell scrivener what pages to print, BEFORE the job is sent to any printer (pdf or otherwise)? Only 7 pages will appear. It is a large text file in Binder, so it is not edit scrivenings (i tried to add another document, it will only print up to page 7, even when I edit scrivenings). Other files in the binder print ok.

I am sure I have done something stupid, but how can I fix this? Thanks!


I think I solved it, but I don’t know why it happened.

I had some images in the text. I’ve noticed the past few times I have been working with the text, that the images took up a large space before the actual image that I couldn’t delete. Page 7 had the first image. I deleted it, and then it would print up to page 9, which had the second image. So i resized each image ( I don’t know why I thought of that ) and it printed all my pages. The large space before each image disappeared.

Problem fixed.


Yes, you found a(nother) bug in the Apple text system. This is a known limitation, unfortunately - if images are wider than the printable page width, then page layout suddenly stops happening after the image. Silly, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it as far as I know as it is built into Apple’s system - exactly the same thing happens in TextEdit. At least in Scrivener you can resize the image. I ought to put a note about this in the FAQ, actually.