Can't purchase Scrivener for Windows

Downloaded and installed Scrivener version1.5.7.0 on Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 professional 64bit. Nothing happens when I click on Buy Online in Trial version dialog box or when I go to help and click on Purchase Scrivener. Program works fine in trial version but I need to purchase.

Partially answered my own question. I just installed Scrivener for Windows on my DELL Laptop with 32bit windows 7. Was able to purchase the software from the Online Purchase option when starting the program. Problem may be incompatibility with 64 bit Windows 7. Went back to my Toshiba with 64 bit Windows 7 and was able to register the software with the serial number received when purchased on my 32 bit Windows 7. Program is working on the 64 bit machine but most of the options from the help menu - like tutorials etc.- do not work.

I’m guessing it’s something else on your Toshiba that is affecting the Scrivener installation, and not the fact that it’s 64-bit. I’ve been using Scrivener for Windows for a couple of years now, and my system has been 64-bit the whole time, with no issues.

Yes, Scrivener is compatible with 64-bit machines, so this behaviour is atypical. I would have suspected security software or proxy or such preventing the program from accessing the internet (as is necessary for the Buy options), but that wouldn’t affect other menu options like launching the interactive tutorial. Have you noticed if the trouble is specifically using your pointer device for clicking on menu items vs. if you use the keyboard accelerators to select the same thing? e.g. can you launch the tutorial by pressing Alt, H, T? Some tablets (Wacom specifically) do not work with Scrivener, so I’m wondering if this is an incompatibility with the pointer device rather than an issue with the menus not functioning entirely.

Thanks for your reply. I was wrong. The tutorial launches with pointing device and Alt HT. It is the video tutorial that will not launch with a pointing device or by Alt HV. The problem computer is a Toshiba Ultrabook laptop. I have also recently have a problem trying to operate a new HP printer with the computer’s Bluetooth. My DELL has no problem. Me thinks this is a “Toshiba” issue. Thanks again for your post.

Hm, Video Tutorials are online, so it sounds then like this might just go back to Scrivener not being able to access the internet. If you’ve got security software installed, you could take a look at its settings; you might be able to resolve the issue by whitelisting Scrivener. If it’s a proxy setup on an office network or such, you’re probably more out of luck, but you can access the video tutorials (or purchase the software) by going to the L&L website yourself from your browser. Video tutorials are here, though be aware most are for the Mac version at present. You can access other support materials and so on from the links on the site as well as purchase and so on.

If you do purchase, you’ll get an email with a license you’ll need to register and activate Scrivener. Activation usually requires and internet connection, but given the situation you may end up getting an error for that. If so, you can follow the steps in the knowledge base article here for offline activation.