Can't put insert point beyond this table

I have a table in a Scrivener document, and I’m damned if I can figure out how to put the insertion point outside of and below the table. I got the table (not intentionally) by copying and pasting from a web page (linked in the text, if you want to investigate). I have various work-arounds in mind, but this seems like an annoying bug (or perhaps just silly user error?)
Scrivener (27.5 KB)

That’s interesting that it got that way, ordinarily the text engine tries to protect the end of a table with an empty line, because they can get pretty fragile along the edges of a file. I fixed the problem in your sample project:

  1. Created a new document after the file with the table.
  2. Put in a line of text.
  3. Selected both the table document and the new one, and used the Documents/Merge menu command.

Thanks. I just converted the table to text (it was only in the research folder). A total PITA, but I assume that it is Apple’s ass, and your (our) pain.