Can't Rearrange Notecards, Docs, Anything - Feel Crazy

Hello everyone,

Honestly I’m about to scream. Scrivener touts its big advantage as being able to rearrange the sections within your writing. I was completely on board. I bought the software. And then guess what? I can’t move ANYTHING.

I go to the corkboard and try to rearrange the index cards. They don’t budge. I try to move the documents within a file in the Binder. Nope. Editor? Nada.

What am I doing wrong??? Someone please help me.

Please try moving things around using the Documents -> Move submenu, in case the issue is a problem with your mouse.

Also, what pointing device are you using? Mouse? Trackpad? Something else? Does drag and drop editing work normally in, say, TextEdit?


Suppose you have a few docs in your Draft/Manuscript folder in the Binder. What DOES happen when you try to drag one of the documents to elsewhere in the Binder? Any additional info could be helpful.

The behavior you are describing is puzzling indeed.


P.S. BTW, as a fellow Scrivener user for many years (and not affiliated w/ Lit & Lat), I can assure you that the feature in question is a robust and stable feature of Scrivener that innumerable people like you and me are relying on daily. Once we uncover the source of the anomalous behavior you are experiencing, you should have every expectation of a reliably rewarding experience with this enormously useful facility in Scrivener. In short, don’t lose heart!