Can't recover Scrivener backup file


I searched the forum for the similar topic, but couldn’t find the one which would be exactly about the issue I am dealing with.

I tried to open a back-up file today, but it keeps showing “Cannot access”.

I noticed that the file is compressed, but it has regular .scrivx extension, not zip. So, I don’t know how to recover the file to its full size. And I am not sure whether it is the problem or not.

Has anyone had the same issue?

Thank you in advance.

How can you tell the file is compressed? What tool did you use?

Have you tried opening the file with Scrivener? If so what was the results?

Hi, rms.

Thank you for your response.

  • I can tell the file is compressed because the folder has additional columns which show compressed size (6 kb) as opposed to the original size (35 kb) and compression (85%).

  • When I just double-click the file, it says “cannot access”

  • I tried to open it with Scrivener, but it says that the file is not a Scrivener project file, though when I open the file properties, it does say Scrivener. Precisely, properties show that it is Scrivener project, and it is deflated.

I wanted to attach some screenshots to illustrate what is going on, but is says that I can’t embed media in the post.

Thank you.

Sorry, I’m out of the obvious ideas.

Perhaps restore the backup file (as a zip, hopefully) from a previous versions of your computer backup regime and go from there. Or just restore the Scrivener project from system backup?

Windows will allow you to browse inside of a .zip archive as if it was just a folder. But Scrivener can’t open a project that’s zipped up.

Copy your .zip backup somewhere outside of your backups folder, right-click and select “extract all”. Then you should be able to open your project in Scrivener.

If you’re unsure if that particular file contains your latest good copy of your project, I’d suggest copying all the existing .zip backups; Scrivener will continue to remove the oldest backups as it creates new ones when you close any of the extracted backups your examining. Better to create copies now before any data is lost.


Gosh, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Obvious. Thanks. @JennD

Thank you, guys.

I will try it and let you know how it goes.

It sounds like that is not a compressed project; it’s only a compressed .scrivx (the Binder index file).

At the link, look for Windows aimed at retrieving zip backups.