Can't reduce large project size

I have been working on a huge project: >200 documents, each of which has an image. When I checked the size, I discovered it was 1.02gig!
So I turned it into 4 projects, in each case, deleting around 75% of the documents.
However… doing this doesn’t seem to have given me 4 x 250meg files, as I hoped/expected. All 4 seem to be the original 1.02gig.
There is no sign of the deleted documents and my waste bin is empty.
Can someone please help?

This can happen if you’ve accidentally dragged something large into the project folder.

To see what’s bulking up the project, do this:

Make a backup!

With Scrivener closed, locate the project in Finder. Right-click, and choose the Show Package Contents option.

Using Finder to sort by size, look around and see what you can figure out.

Your actual content is in the Files/Data subfolder, but also check the Snapshots subfolder.

If whatever it is turns out to be a snapshot, you can remove it via the Snapshot Manager in Scrivener. If it’s not in one of the Files/Data subfolders – which it probably isn’t, since it doesn’t show up in the Binder — you can just drag it out to a location like your Desktop.

Have you emptied that project’s recycle bin, else the content is still within the project, hence the non-reduction in size.

This doesn’t answer your question. Just a comment. If you have no problems with the project (and no other reason), it is not necessary to “downsize” a project of 1 GB. Scrivener should be able to handle much larger projects just fine.

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