Can't Register. Help!

I purchased software 3 days ago haven’t been able to register for license. Won’t take my name and serial number. Tried repeatedly with cut and paste from confirmation and from email, as well as hand-typing.

This am I downloaded again in case the new version is incompatible with the trial version. Did it twice. Still won’t take my registration.

I tried it one more time and it downloaded and installed properly and I’m up and running.
Your confirmation email should warn an innocent purchaser it is necessary to down again.
I’ve lost an hour and a half. :cry:

It shouldn’t be necessary to download the software again, ordinarily. What might have happened is you started your trial with the old version, 1.54, and since then we released a major upgrade to 2.0. Since you bought only a few days ago, the licence you purchased is for that version, not the one you were initially testing.

In short, you got a bit unlucky as this all just happened! Ordinarily this isn’t a problem as the trial version is just the full version in an unlocked state. Anyway, sounds like you are all set now; apologies for the hassles!


I experienced exactly the same problem as Barbara did yesterday. Luckily however the transition went pretty smoothly. I simply exported the Projects I had worked on in the older trial version and then imported them into the new (2.0) version. I did the “importation” by copy-pasting however since I had in the meantime decided on a new organization of my Projects - so I’m not sure if it also works by using the normal “import” function. Nevertheless there was no real problem in the transition.



Actually you could have just opened the .scriv files straight out of the new version. It can read the old format and will update the project for you, creating a backup in the old format as it does so. Since you say you want to rethink the organisation, it might not be worth it to go back, but otherwise I would highly recommend trying to open the .scriv files as that will retain everything you’ve done—project notes, meta-data label names, etc.

Thanks, for the tip! I just happened to figure it out a few minutes ago. I guess I was afraid the old files would end up all over the place in the new version but that is gladly not the case. All in all the transition is very smooth indeed!

Thanks so much!