Can't register my copy of Scrivener to my desktop machin

My problem: bought Scrivener a couple of months ago for my laptop (a Mac Air). Recently got an iMac for my office. The new machine’s copy of scrivener does not recognize the registration name nor the serial number given on my initial purchase. As I read the terms of service, I should be able to install the software on both machines, as long as I’m only using it on one device at a time. So – any thoughts?

ETA: two emails to LiteratureandLatte support and/or sales have gone unanswered, to my pique. Does the community have any advice?

In my experience (and that of others) Scrivener support is second to none, so I’m surprised you haven’t had a response. I would check spam folders. However, this article from the FAQ may help: … -computers

There shouldn’t be any problem with installing on a second computer.


Thanks for the reply. I don’t actually use spam folders; I tell my computer to mark them as spam and then delete by hand, so that’s not it. Not sure what is, really, as everyone has told me that the L&L folks are strongly supportive.

I looked at the FAQ article; it doesn’t add any insight beyond what came in my initial email. I’m wondering if the fact that I downloaded a new trial version of Scrivener to my desktop is the problem. Perhaps if I thumb-drove the software from my lap top to my desktop it would accept the serial number information.

I am perplexed.

If I were you I would do “the usual things” in such a situation: download a fresh copy from the website, make sure it is the right version for your operating system, place it in the applications folder, and use Disk Utility to repair permissions on your hard drive. And make sure you have a good Internet connection when you enter your code (I think it’s still necessary to validate your installation through Esellerate).