Can't register my purchased software

I purchased Scrivener a few days ago for Mac. I entered my name and serial number. Scrivener keeps giving me an error message. I get this regardless of whether I cut and paste from the confirmation email L&L sent me, or I type it in myself.

I have sent emails every day to Literature and Latte, both to customer service and sales, since this happened. There has been no response - nada - even though I have written URGENT on the subject email. Could someone please help? My software will expire with all my research and writing in it!

I haven’t seen your support query – we’re pretty swamped at the moment – but essentially all of the “invalid serial” queries I’ve seen since Scrivener 3 was released have been due to a mismatch between the serial number and the version of Scrivener that the person has. See this forum post for more information:


PS I removed your other copies of this message. Duplicate posts generally do not get more prompt responses, they just lead to duplicate answers and general confusion.

PPS Please check your junk mail folder. Often, “no response” from the customer support email address means that our response was misrouted.

Thank you for your reply, Katherine. I sent emails on Dec 30, Jan 2, Jan 4, and Jan 8 with the heading “URGENT: Can’t register purchased software: Order # xxxx” to two addresses: All I have received is an automated response from saying, “Your request has been received.” I have not received personalized responses to my emails. It’s not in my junk mail box.

It’s really odd that the system would invite me to download a piece of software, then sell me a license for a completely different version–particularly when I do both on the same day! Indeed, the system downloaded to me was 2.8.

After some struggles with the downloader on this page for Scrivener 3.0 , I found that it doesn’t work on my machine because I don’t have OS 10.12. I’d rather be able to use the program I originally downloaded without having to update my OS. Could you sell me a license for Scrivener 2.0 instead? I only have 18 days of this, and I need a solution to this problem.

Katherine’s link explains that you can use your Scrivener 3 licences on Version 2, but it needs to be Version 2.9 — not Version 2.8, which is what I think you have. (The only difference is that V2.9 accepts Scrivener 3 licences, as far as I know).

So if you got to … s?os=macOS and download and install Version 2.9, you should be able to enter your licence. Then, if you do ever upgrade your OS you’ll be able to upgrade to V3 without changing the licence.

It that doesn’t work, then there may be a bigger issue at work, but it’s worth trying first.