Can't remove first line indents

I’m working on a book, am using the general non-fiction template. I have folders for all chapters, within which are documents with the text for each chapter. I’ve turned off auto-indenting and am indenting with tabs myself, just something I’m used to. Every chapter opens WITHOUT a tab indent. When I compile to epub, however, each chapter begins with an indent:


I can’t for the life of me figure out how to turn this off. I’m using the ‘Ebook’ scrivener format, and it just indents all the first lines of all chapters, even though in the edior there’s no indents. I’ve tried duplicating the format and editing it so I could turn this off, here’s a screenshot of my settings:


Even now I’m still getting first line indents… could really use some help with this. I just think it looks unprofessional to have first line indents on your chapters, I checked a lot of different books and they all open without indents.

Is that a heading style just before your paragraph with the indent? What happens if you check “From paragraphs after headings”?

Hi Devin,

Thanks for the quick reply! No, i’ts not a heading style. I tried your suggestion for the settings, that also didn’t work.

After a few more moments of tinkering, however, I just solved it. For others who may also stumble across this problem: I reset ALL my scrivener preferences to default, created a new document using the non-fiction template, then copy-pasted the text using ‘paste and match style’. Bizarely, if I now compile it, everything looks like it’s supposed to. My guess is that somewhere along the line I had done strange things to the formatting of my document, and I must have used that formatting as the default in preferences which meant it was now being used for all new documents.

Resetting preferences worked probably because it rest the ‘new document formatting’ preferences, which means that compile now works again as it’s supposed to. This gave me quite a head-ache to solve! Happy that it works now, the compiled document looks GREAT.



It can be kind of tricky in figuring it out, and when I figured it out… well I thought it actually worked really well.

On the Mac.
Going to Scrivener → Preferences → Editing → Formatting
the “Main text formatting for new documents:”

Here we can move the indent. A tiny T hiding behind the > (side arrows). I happen to drag an arrow but I just dragged it back again. I was able to drag the T to the left after a few tries. The first line begins in the same place as the following lines. My Formatting screen looks like this. (I also changed the Notes font and the Inspector comments font, as the Mac makes the font a bit too small.)


Changes done in the Formatting screen will only affect new documents. To convert existing documents to the new formatting (select the documents) go to Documents → Convert → Text to Default Formatting…

A huge thanks to David for the above tips!