can't replicate inserting new index card type

I’ve searched the forums and the answer’s probably in front of my nose…


In 1.03, I accidentally learned that I could create index card types (instead of a folder or text)–I love this feature. I happily added some more index card types, with text or index card children as I needed. I’m fleshing out and organizing a section of my dissertation, and the visual index card metaphor really helps. I’m using the index card type as a container, with a synopsis, and text cards (or more index card containers) underneath; I’m aiming for a kind of ‘rolling synopsis’ guide that’s separate from yet linked to the text (to be generated).

Now, I can’t seem to create new index card types. I can copy one of these beasts and change the title/text etc, but when I try to create one (Apple-N, Return, Ctrl-click, etc), I only get 2 options: Folder or Text.

How can I create a new index card type? I know that this is functionally the same as a folder, but my mind clicks with this concept, and I can use all the help organizing my thoughts.


Actually there is no actual index card type; what you are seeing is essentially a status indicator. Documents in the Binder that are empty will be drawn as a blank sheet of paper. If you have filled out a synopsis for them, but nothing else, you’ll get the index card icon you see. Finally, when text is put into the main editor area, it goes back to a sheet of paper, but with text in it. How you use the icons is up to you; but as a quick indicator of how much content exists in a file, you can get a quick picture of which parts of your outline need more work.

Thank you, AmberV!

:laughing: Yep, I figured the answer was somewhere in front of my nose! Your answer helps, because I want to use these icons as synopses only. Thanks again!