Can't resize images

I’m creating a cookbook, and I want to include pictures of some of the dishes. Each will be on its own page immediately following the recipe, and I want it to pretty much fill the page, except for a title at the top and page number at the bottom. I’ve got the images inserted just fine, but when I compile to PDF, they’re all so big that they cover most of the title. Also, a blank page is somehow automatically created before each one. When I click on an image in Scrivener and “resize image”, it looks smaller, but when I compile, it’s still exactly the same (too large) size in the PDF. No matter how small I resize it to, the size in the PDF doesn’t change. I even tried making my original pics smaller before inserting them in my Scrivener manuscript, but that doesn’t change anything either. Any ideas?

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 2.06.44 PM.png