Can't save Binder message

This is my third day using Scrivener in Windows 7 on a 7i computer with 8 gigs of RAM, 400 gigs of free space on each drive.

I began getting a message today, each time I made a change in a file, that Scrivener cannot save the Binder.

I have saved it as a new file with a new name, but it is having the same problem with that.

I am not having this problem with any other file or program.

Using version

Perhaps there was a problem with the install, as the help facility will not load.

Here is a jpg of the error message.ERROR.jpg

Here is a more complete error message when I create a project note:

Notes error.jpg

See if these threads help…

Thanks, SpringfieldMH. DropBox appears to be the culprit, although the phenomenon did not appear in the two days previous. I save the project to a non-DropBox folder, and the problem stopped. So far.

Scrivener has settings as to the frequency with which auto-saves/backups are done. Reducing the frequency (lengthening the time between) might help avoid the apparent conflict between Scrivener and DropBox. There may be something similar in the DropBox client settings. It’s probably worth reading … c-services and also doing a search of the forums (upper right corner) on “frequency back” and reviewing the discussions found.

My sense is that some folks successfully keep their live projects in their DropBox folders, perhaps after making tweaks as suggested above.

Others keep their live projects elsewhere on their local internal drives and periodically (end of each writing session or day?) do File > Back Up > Back Up To backups (which are separate and distinct from regular saves and automatic backups) to their DropBox folders.

Allowing several minutes after exiting Scrivener, and verifying that DropBox reports synchonization to be complete, is important either way.

Use of options to use date/time stamp in backup names and compression to .zip file for Back Up To backups are also helpful.

Thanks, SpringfieldMH

Timing seems to have been the culprit. I am now successfully saving directly to Dropbox. I just have to be certain Dropbox is not still uploading when I do so.