Can't save error message

I just got a new laptop and the first thing I did was load Scrivener. But I started getting this error message about not being able to save. it will pop up at random then disappear after a while. It’s super annoying as I can’t make any changes to the document without it popping up and telling me that I can’t save it. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and also running a disc check on my computer. It’s still doing it.

I’ve attached the error message. Please help!

Based on a quick search of the forums (see below), my first guess is that you have some cloud storage/sync service, other than DropBox, running on your laptop, backing up/syncing your Documents folder. Perhaps OneDrive or SkyDrive? They don’t apparently work/coexist properly with live Scrivener projects. Best bet, remove them and replace with DropBox. There may be other such services that will work… but DropBox is your safe bet. And even it has a learning curve.

Do a search of the forums (via search field in upper right hand corner of web page) using these phrases:
“could not open RTF file for writing”
“being used by another process”

Example results…

See the Scrivener folks’ writeup regarding this here… … c-services

If it’s not an issue with non-DropBox cloud storage/sync, then will have to look into what else might be routinely touching your Scrivener project folders. Other forms of backup, anti-virus, …

Here’s a discussion of the down and dirty of how to pin down what other process is touching the file in question. Assuming you are running the current version of Scrivener for Windows (, disregard the mention of such a problem having arisen for some with 1.6… that’s from a year ago. The procedure described is still relevant. This is what those cranky PC tech support folks (like I used to be) would have to use, if they couldn’t come up with a quicker easier answer.

Hope that is of some help.

Mentioned in the thread SpringfieldMH linked to, this error crops up with certain backup software, which may have come pre-installed on your new machine or external hard drive. Check to see if you have something like Memeo Backup, WD AnyWhere, or Iomega Home Storage Manager running in the background. The software could be locking your Scrivener files frequently while you’re working, preventing Scrivener from saving them.

To avoid this, it’s best to keep your Scrivener projects in a folder that you exclude from these system backups. Then make sure that you have Scrivener’s automatic backups enabled and saving to a folder that is included your system backups. You can adjust Scrivener’s backup settings in Tools > Options.