Can't Scroll to Bottom

Saw this this morning. For some reason I couldn’t scroll down far enough to see the last line in a document. It was only when I moved the cursor down there and added text that I could see the final line. I’ve never seen that happen before.

Version 3.1.4.

Can someone remind me how to edit my signature—haven’t found it.

We’re aware of a few issues with the editor size expanding beyond the viewing area, and thus creating a situation where text is outside of the scroll view. Typically this is seen horizontally however.

I would start with a simple layout reset to make sure it isn’t something more along the “gremlin” line that has no easy reproduction. If it comes back, then it might actually be helpful to share the Layout you saved as part of that checklist.

It’s under Settings: Profile: Edit Signature.

Thanks. I looked here without success:

Tap on the little menu icon to select “profile.”

Hope this helps!

Yeah, for some reason this forum skin is all too happy to go “tablet mode” even when there should be plenty of space. I actually have my browser set to display our site at about 80% magnification. It makes everything easier to get at.