Can't search forum postings/Change Style Settings?

Hi. I came to try to learn how to change style settings and add new styles, but my more immediate problem is that the search function doesn’t work for me. Whatever I put into the search field (I’m talking about here on the forum) comes back telling me that the words are too common and thus are not searchable. This cannot be true, as I was trying to do a search on “change style” and other similarly specific terms and phrases. Is anyone else having this problem? I can’t tell, since I can’t search the forum.

Just to avoid anyone wasting time, I figured out how to change the style settings, but still can’t search the forum. I’m using Firefox, and had no trouble searching forum postings until a couple of weeks ago. Thanks.

I have come across this problem as well when attempting to search for something related to fonts. It seems like the search engine is building a dynamic index of words and prohibiting anything above a certain threshold. Obviously, we talk a lot about fonts and styles around here. :slight_smile: I wonder if this is a forum module that can be disabled without too much of a performance hit—or better yet, if the dictionary of excluded words can be modified?