Can't See Blinking Cursor

I changed my appearance to dark and then adjust the colors of the editor, binder, etc. But my blinking cursor is white and I can’t figure out how to get it back to black. I changed the text color from white to black (I lightened the main editor color), but that doesn’t affect it. I also tried with and without the “override” toggle box clicked, and that doesn’t make a difference either. I looked in the manual and can’t find anything.

When I reset it back to a default theme the cursor returns, so I think this is a tweak with the dark mode. I have Scrivener on dark mode on another Mac and the cursor is black, so there’s something I’m missing on this one. Help please - and thanks!!

Have you tried Scrivener->Preferences, Appearance pane, and selecting “Textual Marks” from the sidebar? I can affect the cursor colour directly from there.

Hope this helps!

That did it! I didn’t even notice that option before. Thank you so much!