can't see doc after import

Hi All. New here and having an issue. I started a new binder and went to import and imported the RTF file off my computer. At the bottom of the page I can see the word count and charicture count and the right scroll bar shows many pages must be there…but the page is empty. I can’t see anything. Help. Cheers, Dennis.

This is frustrating. After I just posted, I hit full screen and can see all 280 pages. When I go back to the normal view nothing is there.

Out of curiosity, the rtf file that you imported, imported into a single text file in scrivener, correct? When you output or check statistics, the words are there and counted, but you can’t see them? Maybe if you try removing formats of the imported doc. In the binder, left click the imported doc to select it, then single left click anywhere in the edit panel for the rtf doc. the one that looks blank. Press Ctrl+A, to select all. Now at this point all the words should be highlighted, and actually be able to be seen. Is it the colour maybe? If so, in the Window menu of your project, top most row, between Project and Format, is the Documents menu, highlight with mouse, then highlight Convert, then single left click “Formatting to Default Style” may help you.

If that doesn’t help you, open your rtf document select all “Ctrl+A” and Copy “Ctrl+C”, then go to your Scrivener Project, and in the binder, single left the Draft/Manuscript, then create a new blank default text file with “Ctrl+N”. Name the Textfile what you want. It defaults to Untitled.

Then single left click into the editor panel, usually that blank space to the right of the binder. Now go to the Windows menu and single left click Edit, and highlight Either “Paste” or “Paste and match style”. One doesn’t achieve being able to see your words, press “Ctrl+Z” to undo last action, this case being a normal paste, then use the “Paste and match style”. Again, if neither of these work, with the sure knowledge that you have pasted into the text file, repeat the “Formatting to Default style”.

If for some reason, it’s still unseeable, press F12 to open the options menu. In the options menu, single left click the left panel “Editor” then in the right panel, now you can set up your default formats, fonts, colour, size etc. Then click apply and ok, then go back to your imported doc, and follow the steps I mentioned in the first paragraph, to "Formatting to Default Text Style.