Can't see highlighted text in synopsis


Is there a way to amend this behaviour?

The word “example” is highlighted, but my highlight is blue it’s almost impossible to see using my “Blue = Concept” label.

My cure is to stop using blue and change to a purple, but is there another way?

I’ve just noticed I can change the text selection colour, but it doesn’t work in the inspector, which doesn’t have any “Is there sufficient contrast” logic associated with it’s use of the default selection colour.

The Inspector and Corkboard use the OS settings for highlight color, so there’s no way that I know of to change that in Scrivener except by changing your system color (System Preferences:Appearance). Short of that or changing your label color slightly (how much depends on your monitor–I can get extremely close and still see the difference in selected text), you could try using the “rounded” theme for index cards, which will use a gradient on the title and a lighter color on the card, making it easier to see your selection. You can also adjust the “opacity of label colors when used in backgrounds” under the Appearance tab of Preferences.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’m found I’ve got used to purple quick enough to not have to worry about further tweaks.