Can't seem to change book title font on title page (ebook)

Hi folks

I’m new to Scrivener for Mac and trying to figure out how to use the thing.

I’m trying to change the font on the title page of my ebook (the actual title of the book, although at this stage I’d take author as well if I had to) to no avail.

I’m using the non-fiction template as I don’t see an ebook one (unless you know of a custom one I can download??). I’ve changed the font in the document for the title to Zapfino 28pt. I’ve even selected it, gone to format>Preserve formatting. I’ve created a new ‘my title’ style. No avail. When I finish compiling the book and import the epub3 into iBooks, it’s still a really plain all caps style.

I can’t find anywhere for the actual title page in Compile. I see it for other things such as chapters, but not title page.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks


It’s nearly impossible to force ebooks to use a particular font. Ebook readers allow users to change the font at will, and generally only have a limited number of available fonts.


Hi Richard. If are trying to maintain the Zapfino font style, then I concur with Katherine. eReaders (iBooks, Kindle, Nook) allow the reader to select their own font, typically from a short list of about six available fonts,

If you are referring to the 28pt font size, that’s a different story. In Scrivener Editor, let’s say your title text is 28pt, and your subtitle text is 14pt. eReaders don’t maintain these specific font sizes, but they will maintain the relative sizes. In other words, your title text still will be larger than your subtitle text.

To add to Katherine’s answer:

Ebooks generally don’t contain fonts. Rather, the e-reader device will have a selection of fonts and the reader can choose which one he prefers. For instance, in iBooks the default reader font is Iowan (actually Iowan Old Style, I believe), but you can also choose to switch to Palatino, Georgia and more.

As a result, Scrivener does not include any fonts inside the ebooks it exports - the fonts used will be those of the e-reader.

That said, it is technically possible to embed fonts into ebooks - so, although Scrivener does not do so, it would theoretically be possible for it to include the Zapfino font in your book. To do this, though, it would need to embed the actual font file - and you would need a licence for that file. Although you are allowed to use the fonts on your machine in various documents, just by them being installed on your machine does not give you the necessary rights to include the font files themselves in other files, such as an ebook. To include the Zapfino font in an ebook, you would need to buy it from somewhere such as … mily/48483

To use the Zapfino font in a single ebook is just over £45. That’s just to use one variant - it would be another £45 for the italic variant, for instance. And this would only cover a single ebook title - if you wrote another book, you would need to pay again.

This is why Scrivener does not embed any fonts: if it did so automatically, then users could very well be breaking copyright law without realising it, and could be opened up to being fined.

As Pomme4mois says, though, Scrivener will maintain font sizes - for this, you should use a different style for the title.

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thank you all so very much for your replies. I get it now. I have just tested it on exporting a PDF file of A “paperback “the font showing perfectly. So now I’m totally all educated. Thank you again. 8)

Another idea is to create a title page as a graphic using your preferred design and created in a graphics program.