Can't seem to get the interactive tutorial to work...

I’ve downloaded the trial version of Scrivener for Windows (I’m using Windows 7). When I started the Interactive Tutorial the first time, it asked me to give it a folder/file to store the project in, and then opened Scrivener. On the left is a Binder with the project, and the right is taken up mostly by a blank text area. The title bar on top of the text area says “Start Here.” If I select other docs in the Binder (“Beginnings,” “Keywords,” etc.) the title changes, but the text area is still blank. There are no directions or instructions anywhere that I can see, to step me through the learning process. No videos or audios begin, or even exist, as far as I can tell (except, maybe, for "ThisIsBuzzAldrin, which locks Scrivener up).

What am I missing?

Found what I was missing: the project. For whatever reason, Scrivener created a blank project: all the doc titles, but no text. When I copied the files from the Program Files area to the new tutorial folder, it’s all there (I think).

Glad you were able to get this working! We have had a few cases of this, where the initial copy of the tutorial project doesn’t work properly for whatever reason, but we’ve never been able to track down what’s causing that on some systems, whether it’s a permissions error or what, and creating a fresh copy seems to always work, so no one can ever reproduce the problem. (If you do, please let us know!)

For future reference, deleting the tutorial project in Windows Explorer (that is, the copy that you saved when Scrivener prompted you to choose a location for the project) and then re-selecting the Interactive Tutorial from the menu will let you create a new copy of the tutorial.