Can't Select Editor Window

In this situation:

After some frustration, I realized that I can change the focus by clicking on the corkboard.

Some reason for that??

What exactly are you trying to do in the screenshot?

If you have two editor panes, the one with the blue border at the top is the active one.


What exactly are you trying to do in the screenshot?

I had been viewing the corkboard. I brought up the right pane, which shows notes made on my Kindle.

I wanted to change the corkboard view on the left to scrivenings, so I could go through the manuscript and make changes. I thought I’d click the header then click the scrivenings toolbar button. It didn’t work.

To select the left editor window you click inside it. Isn’t that the most obvious alternative?

What lunk said.

Also, the pane with the blue bar is the one affected by the Binder.There’s a blue line under that that indicates the active pane.


I’m just mentioning that when it’s not a corkboard, clicking on the title bar selects it. If you’ve done that hundreds of times, when it doesn’t work, it seems that something’s broken.

No big deal, but that unnecessary difference will trip people up, as it did me.

I’m sorry, but I’m still not understanding your description.

Once you make one pane of the split editor view ‘active,’ whether by clicking in the body of the pane or in the header bar, a blue line will appear along the bottom of the header bar. Clicking through the Scrivenings/Corkboard/Outline icons will change the display of that pane accordingly.

Are you seeing different behavior?


No, it doesn’t. If you click anywhere in the title bar except on the title itself, that editor window is not selected.

In Scrivenings mode you get the title of the current scrivening in the title bar and if you click the title that editor is selected and gets the blue color and you can edit the title. But in corkboard mode there is no such title in the window bar in Scrivenings mode because all the titles are shown on their respective cards.

Please test this, lunk, as I think you may be adding to the confusion. On my system (Mac Scriv 3.1.1), clicking anywhere in the title bar selects that pane of the Editor, regardless of the display mode (Scrivenings/Corkboard/Outline). The cursor will then appear at the end of the displayed title unless I click within the title itself. In Corkboard and Outline mode, the displayed title will be the enclosing folder. In Scrivenings mode, it will be the enclosing folder + the individual document title.


No it doesn’t. If you click outside the title field the split window isn’t selected, and this was Tromboneal’s initial question/observation.
If I select three different documents in the binder, from different “enclosing folders” there is no title at all in the corkboard title bar and clicking in the empty title bar doesn’t select that split.

I don’t have time to research this more, but I discovered that where in the header you click is important I made a quick video:

I hope that helps.

PS Here’s the original problem illustrated:

I think:

You can rename a file or folder in any view, so the title bar is editable / selectable.

You can’t rename a non-contiguous multiple selection in any view, so the title bar isn’t editable / selectable.

Slàinte mhòr.

After I made the first video, I found that my “Manuscript” folder had been renamed to “Chapter 1”! No more making demo videos in a real project.

But, note that you can see when that happened at the 14 second mark in the first video.

I believe that you’ve changed views, not renamed the folder (yellow highlights below).

Slàinte mhòr.

And as a PS:

Ah, that’s the detail I was missing. I wasn’t using a non-contiguous selection.


I believe that you’ve changed views, not renamed the folder (yellow highlights below).

Well,I do know that in the binder, I noticed that where it says “Manuscript” here

It said “Chapter 1.”