can't set text background colour in 2.0

I’m trying to set the background colour to green as I had it in Scrivener 1.

In Preferences>Appearance> I’ve tried selecting a colour under Customisable Colours>Editor>Text Background but no matter which colour I choose nothing changes.

Once I’ve succeeded in setting it I’d also like to have it as the default in my template, but I’ve forgotten how I did that originally in 1.0

Any help would be gratefully received



Hmm, yes I just tried this and it didn’t quite work as I was expecting. I’ll fiddle around a bit and let you know if I come up with the answer…


When you select the color block to pull up the color dialogue box, are you double clicking? I had that issue the first couple times until I realized it’s actually a toggle switch: you need to click it only once, and it will appear slightly depressed, with a darker gray border around the box. Either way it will bring up the color palette, but only when it’s truly selected will the changes take effect.

Once you set the color, it will be that way for all projects; it’s not a feature you set per template.

Aha, I found it. If it doesn’t change at first, try selecting a different colour palette mode (I used the wheel) and changing the colour in that. This worked for me.


I can’t reproduce any problems with this. One thing you do need to ensure is that the colour picker has the focus - it will have a darker border when it does:

If the colour palette is open when you click on “Text Background”, you still need to click on the colour chip so that the colour palette now affects the text background colour. (This is just how colour palettes work in OS X - they operate on the active object and need their focus pointing to new objects manually.) Could that have been the issue?

Eddy, MimeticMouton, KB - thanks, I’m not sure whether it was changing the colour palette mode (I had tried this last night) double-checking the focus, making sure I single-clicked or a combination of the lot, but it’s working as I expected now.

Thanks for all your help.

Eddy, where do you see this color option? Under View? Format? What’s the drop down?


Rachel, go to Scrivener>Preferences>Appearance; toward the bottom there’s “Customizable Colors” and in this case you’d want “Editor” and then “text” or “page” background, depending what you’re going for. (Text will change the background behind the text, so most of what you’re seeing; page will color the area behind that, which you’ll mostly only see in wrap mode or if you have a fixed-width editor.)